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What are Community Groups?

The church is edified when no one stands alone, and FCL Community Groups purposefully disciple believers to help them firmly plant their roots in faith and not on stony ground or shallow soil. To that end, Fellowship Church Lubbock has organized several groups that meet in homes around Lubbock during the week where Christ is pursued with like-minded believers. These are casual meetings where different biblical topics are taught and discussed, where friendships are shared (usually with a cup of coffee or refreshments), and where friends pray with and for each other.

Why does FCL Have Community Groups?

The mission of FCL Community Groups is to bring glory to God through lives changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this actively by pursuing the sanctifying work of God through the grace found in the Gospel for our own lives. Community Groups are intentional efforts to create an atmosphere that encourages believers to learn, fellowship, and seek the spiritual growth that is only brought about by the work of the Holy Spirit through the study of God’s Word.

Our mission is to build familial relationships that encourage progressive growth toward Christ-likeness. Community Groups are much more than a simple Bible Study. FCL Groups are welcoming, authentic, extended families where friends pray for friends, and neighbors bear each others burdens while mining diligently for the Truth in God’s Word. Community Groups at FCL seek to provide fertile soil for the disciple of Christ to grow (Matthew 13:18-23) and to be a place where God’s Word is taken in as nourishment that provides strength to live out the Gospel as we go about our daily lives.

Our goal is not to just have isolated groups of comfortable believers, but to build up local and international communities of faith that proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, crucified and resurrected, through a biblical model of servant leadership.

We desire to achieve this mission in the life of each of our members by striving toward the following objectives:

• Teaching the Bible – In order to make the Gospel the epicenter of our faith, we must know God’s Word. (John 21:17)
• Love – Love for our Savior and God leads to a genuine love for those around us. We seek to be a place where mutual care is lived out. (John 13:1; Matthew 23:34-40)
• Prayer – Just as prayer is vital in our personal lives, praying for each other is vital to fostering true community. (Philippians 1:3-11)
• Service – Group members contribute to the Body of Christ according to their spiritual giftedness. (John 13:12-17)
• Mission – Group members engage the lost for the sake of the Gospel.
• Perseverance – Community Groups encourage each other to press on, knowing that God will strengthen, will provide, and that He is in full control, even when things are difficult and human nature say to quit. In this way we help each other to continue in the “good fight” for the Glory of God.

How do I get connected?

Community Groups meet on a weekly basis. Whether you are a student, married, or retired, there is a Community Group for you.

For more information about how to get involved, contact an elder at Fellowship Church Lubbock.

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