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Is your “higher education” reaching high enough?

College is all about higher learning. It is a point in your life where truth, knowledge, understanding, maturity and life goals have become your prime focus. But no matter how prepared you think you may be for college, when you arrive on campus you may find that you have no sense of stability. The camaraderie of fraternities or sororities provide only a limited benefit and they are not equipped to serve your most crucial need in life… spiritual health! God lovingly provided your local church, and has equipped it to serve that role.

Life isn’t only about what career path you will take; it’s also about finding out whether you are on the wide path to destruction, or the narrow path to everlasting life; it’s about examining the claims made in the Bible and responding to God’s warnings and promises in faith; it’s about making sure that what you’ve learned so far will serve you well in real life - for the rest of your life - regardless of the world’s estimation of your success.

FCL College Ministry was created to offer college and university students some serious stability through relationships that are centered around God’s Word. God promises that those who seek it in Him, through his Word, will find absolute truth, a deeper understanding, spiritual maturity and an education that provides eternal benefits - because only the Lord gives true wisdom, and “from his mouth come knowledge and understanding” that is far above any provided by any university! (Proverbs 2:6)

Come be a part of a group of friends with whom you’re sure to have much in common. We’d love to be a part of your college life!

For more information, contact an elder.

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