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C.H. Spurgeon’s classic All of Grace is a simple presentation of salvation by grace alone -and it outlines the way of salvation in clear, concise language that anyone can understand.

Christians today can buy many books that elaborate on what you should be doing to please God, but this book is different. It very plainly and beautifully describes what God has been pleased to do for you by declaring that both righteousness and salvation are ALL OF GRACE, through the additional gift of faith in Jesus Christ alone.

The Grace of God is absolutely free. By definition, there is, and can be, no price. Grace cannot be bought and any attempts to approach, please, or gain right-standing with God by our own works (even our best efforts to be obedient to God) are self-righteousness which can only bring condemnation and damnation.

The sinful human heart can only be redeemed, regenerated, and renewed by the free grace and mercy of God. Spurgeon’s All of Grace helps us to find that the heart that has been redeemed by God’s grace will overflow with thankfulness and love to God and His Holy Word.

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